Urgent! Parrots Need Help!

This article authored by: Rob Hallberg

About a month ago Catherine posted a Blog titled, “Oasis Sanctuary: A Great Southern AZ Day Trip”. It has been our most popular Blog ever, but Oasis now needs help!

Monsoon1The Oasis Sanctuary is a non-profit charitable organization that provides for Parrots that have lost their homes. Many of the Parrots were family pets but they are no longer able to care for them. Some of them have physical problems or need special attention and Oasis provides the care they need. Oasis currently provides food, companionship and shelter for over 700 Parrots, one of the largest in the United States!

On July 7th, a violent Monsoons storm destroyed one of their large storage barns. As you can see from the pictures, the building is a complete loss. Worse, Oasis did not carry insurance on the building.

Fortunately, all of the Birds remained safe.  The Oasis staff should be commended for their heroic efforts, as winds were gusting from 60-80 mph and rain was dropping at over 4 inches per hour.

As with most charitable organizations that rely on donations, Oasis does not have any cash reserves available to rebuild the structure.  So they have appealed for help from the community and Animal Lovers everywhere.

Before MonsoonThe picture to the right is what the Barn used to look like.

This is Urgent! And I am a little late with my appeal, but if you can donate any money to a great cause, please consider the Oasis. Over 98% of their donations go directly towards the care of the Parrots, which shows how dedicated the staff is to their care.

To make a donation to the Emergency Rebuilding Fund, please call Business Manager Ruth Ann LaRue at (480) 946-4955 or go to The Oasis’ website www.the-oasis.org or their Facebook Page.

Rob Hallberg

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