How to Sell Your Home FAST!

This article authored by: Rob Hallberg

How to sell your home quickly is a very common question with a very simple answer. Give Buyers what they want!

90% of home buyers want to purchase a home that is “move-in ready”. They don’t want to have to make any repairs, change carpet, paint or landscape the home.  Here is what goes through the minds of Buyers as an Agent shows them your home:

Curbside:            Buyers want to see your home has some “curb appeal”, with trimmed bushes and trees and a little color helps (plant some colorful plants in pots). The Buyer’s think, “This home has possibilities”.

Front Entry:      Buyers are much closer to the house and will look around while the Agent finds the Key. Make sure the door and door frame are clean with no paint missing, etc. The Buyer’s will then think, “Still looks good. Can’t wait to see the interior”.

First Look:        Curbside and Front Entry views are important, but the First Look at the Interior is critical. Everything needs to be perfect! Make sure blinds are open and there is a lot of light. No clutter, either. Buyer’s now think, “Wow! This home really does have possibilities”.

Kitchen:             Another critical area. You want to keep the Buyer’s thinking, “Wow”.

Master Suite:   Not quite as important as the Kitchen but it makes a difference. No worn carpets or paint problems.

Other Rooms:  Should be neat and clean as well.

Back Yard:        Another important location. Once your Buyers have seen the home, they are still thinking positively. They may be thinking about where their furniture will go, etc. So when they get to the Back Yard, you want to avoid an “Oh, Darn”. The Buyers are on an emotional high, thinking about making an offer and you do not want a major letdown at this point.

You do not need to do a great deal of Landscaping. At the very least, however, your Back Yard should have Landscape Rock or Grass, no barren, dirt areas.

Sales Price:    Your home should be priced close to market value. Setting the price a little high “for negotiation purposes” is usually a mistake and may keep Buyers from considering your home.

If you have prepared your home for sale as recommended above and priced it close to market value, you will likely see an offer very soon. And you should be able to negotiate a fair, market value price as the Buyers are emotionally sold on your home.

Photos:            Once you have prepared your home for sale, you must get Buyers in your door. Potential Buyers will find your home on the Internet and make a decision on whether or not to see it in person. Pictures are your homes resume’; it is critical that a professional photographer is used as it is the pictures that will draw Buyers to your home..

And that is how you sell a home fast. Make it Move-In Ready, list it at a Fair Price, take Professional Photos and the offers will come quickly!

What makes us the Experts? Our last four listings have sold in an average of 19 days!

Rob Hallberg

Rob and Catherine Hallberg are Associate Brokers with Long Realty, a Berkshire-Hathaway Affiliate and Southern Arizona’s largest Brokerage. Send Rob and Catherine an email  for a fast response to your questions; for an even faster response, Call (520) 407-8667 or Text (520) 203-2031.

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