Rancho Del Lago Builds Luxury Homes and on Large Lots

This article authored by: Rob Hallberg

The Village & Vista At Rancho Del Lago Rancho Del Lago Wingview Vail, AZAs reviewed in our last post, the initial development of Rancho Del Lago started in 2001, near the existing Clubhouse and east of the Pantano Wash.

In late 2002, homes were started in Wingview, a Luxury, Gated community and in 2003, the Rancho Del Rincon subdivision opened with acre lots and Luxury homes.


Wingview is a gated community in Rancho Del Lago, located just south of the Clubhouse, across the street from Arizona Springs I. In addition to being Gated, Wingview also boasts a community pool.

Initially there were three Builders in Wingview: Baird, Genesee & Pepper Viner. Lots were sold to the Builders according to the area of Wingview.

The area located closest to the Gate, which includes homes off of Canyon Fairway Trail, Fairway Point Court and Fairway Bluff Court, was often referred to as the “Bottom” section.  Pepper Viner & Baird Homes purchased the lots in the Bottom section.

The “Middle” section, which includes homes off of Fiery Dawn and Copper Mesa Court, were purchased by Genesee Homes. During development, however, Genesee went bankrupt and sold their remaining lots to US Homes.

Baird Homes and Pepper Viner also built homes in the “Top” section of Wingview, located the farthest from the Gated Entry. The “Top” section includes all the homes located off of Sage Hills and Blackhawk Ridge.

From 2002 to 2003, homes were primarily built in the Bottom & Middle Sections by Pepper Viner and Genesee. Three homes were built in the Top section, but it was 2004 when building increased rapidly.

2004 was the biggest year for building in Wingview, followed closely by 2005.  There are about 217 homes in Wingview; 77 in the Bottom, 74 in the Middle and 66 in the top section.

Current prices (12/2017) are running from $250,000 for the smallest homes (1,706sf) to over $300,000.

Rancho Del Rincon

Rancho Del Rincon is a community with homes built on one acre lots. They are located on the East side of Colossal Cave Road, just to the South and East of the main entrance to Rancho Del Lago.

Most of the homes in Rancho Del Rincon enjoy fantastic mountain views. There are about 98 homes in Rancho Del Rincon.

DR Horton built larger, luxury homes on these lots beginning in 2003. As these homes are located on rocky, mountain bluffs, it was more costly to build and took longer to develop than the rest of Rancho Del Lago.  Most homes were completed and sold by 2005, but a few homes remained in 2006, just as the market started to slide.

Current prices (12/2017) are averaging over $300,000 for the smallest homes to about $420,000 for the 3,085sf properties.

This is the third article in our series on “Rancho Del Lago, its History and Development.” A new builder, DR Horton arrived on the scene in 2004 and started developing the area west of the Pantano Wash.  More on these homes in our next issue, “Rancho Del Lago Goes West”.

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