Make Your Refrigerator Smart

This article authored by: Catherine Hallberg

Today’s refrigerators can be programmed to do all sorts of things, but these “smart refrigerators” can cost a lot of money.  If you don’t want to spend the big bucks, here are a couple ways to make your current one smarter.

Some new models have a WI-FI enable touch screen which turns into a tablet. To achieve this same effect, just purchase some refrigerator mounts which will accommodate your IPAD or Android tablet. Stainless steel will require adhesive strips to secure the mounts.

The pricey “smart” fridges utilize Shop Rite and Fresh Direct to have groceries delivered to your home.  Achieve the same effect by using your new refrigerator tablet to access Amazon Dash which will have groceries delivered to your door, or check out neighborhood grocery stores which provide a similar service.

Another feature offered by upscale refrigerators are special cooling systems which keep food fresher longer. Add some affordable crisper filters which reduce ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit. This will achieve the same effect and keep your fruits fresh and veggies crisper at a fraction of the price.

So if your budget won’t allow you to invest in the latest refrigerator technology, don’t be glum. With a little creativity, you can keep up with the times without breaking the bank.  

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