Houghton Town Center

This article authored by: Catherine Hallberg

Many of us living in Vail or SE Tucson have been avidly following the progress of our new shopping center, The Houghton Town Center.  Located on the SW corner of Hougton and Old Vail Road, it’s minutes off I-10.  There’s been lots of speculation as to the stores, restaurants and shops which will be built on the 60+ acres.

WalMart, our anchor store, is doing well. It’s clean, well-organized and the employees are helpful.  A recent convert, I’ve been stopping in frequently to pick up some household items and have even found that staples like peanut butter are priced very competitively with our local grocery stores.

Dunkin’ Donuts seems to have a hefty following from the breakfast crowd. Many mornings, it’s faster to park and go inside than join the long line at the drive thru.

For a quick dinner, Panda Express has a good selection of take-out dishes or you can eat there.The food is tasty and they even have the calorie counts!

Discount Tires has been a welcome addition as well, eliminating the drive into town to have tires rotated or look for new ones.  The staff have been friendly and helpful to me and the lines aren’t as long as other locations.

Though we don’t own a pool at the moment, I’ve gotten some positive comments about Champion Pools. If you need supplies or help balancing your chemicals, give them a try.

As for confirmed new additions, McDonald’s will be putting down roots along with Dental Village, Nationwide Vision, SuperCuts and BrakeMaster. Several other sites are under negotiation, but at least one is slated for a retail store and another restaurant. Let’s hope it’s sit-down.

Northwest Emergency Center is coming soon which will provide a good alternative to those facilities which require a 20 mile hike into town. I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick the last thing I want to do is make a long drive to a medical facility. This one should get some immediate business.

Many of us would like to see a Sprouts, Trader Joe or Whole Foods. I believe our community could support this type of grocery and it would offer a healthier alternative. A suggestion has been made to include a movie theater. That’s one I could get behind as some special effects are just better on the big screen.

If any of you are interested in bringing certain stores or restaurants to the Vail area, you need to contact them. If you go to Whole Foods website and type “85641” into the store locator this is information they use when considering new locations. Write your favorites an e-mail or call them.  The more requests they get, the more likely they are to look in our direction for new opportunities. Be the squeaky wheel!!

Vail is a great place to live. We have gorgeous mountains and great schools. Let’s band together and get some businesses here so we can grow into a community that attracts buyers from other parts of Tucson and out of state and get those housing prices back up where they belong!


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