Selling Your Home; Getting Started

Home for Sale in TucsonThe first question of most Sellers is, How much is my home worth?. Recent sales in your area are used by Appraisers and are the best source for valuing your home.

Home sales information is available online but is incomplete; it does not include all of the factors that are important in determining your home’s value, such as location, features, upgrades, etc. You could hire an Appraiser that would take these into account and provide an estimate of value; however, an Appraiser cannot tell you how to market your home to obtain the highest price and quickest sale.

The one professional that can both provide an estimate of your home’s value and how to sell it is an experienced REALTOR that specializes in your area. It is critical that you contact a REALTOR that is experienced in your area as they know the history and nuances in your location that can affect your home’s value and saleability. For example, sometimes there is a Builder change in a neighborhood that makes a difference in value. Only an agent experienced in your area would know this and be able to convey it to potential Buyers.

Your listing will also need to be “serviced”, which involves checking the stock of marketing materials (Flyers, etc.), meeting vendors or agents for inspections or repairs, checking the home periodically if it is vacant, etc. Home checks are especially important if the home will not be occupied.  For example, we will check homes for freeze protection when temperatures drop and install protection if needed

How do you find a local, experienced Agent?  Good question. If there is a local real estate office, then you have half of the search criteria covered as most of the agents likely work in your area.  But how do you find one that is experienced and is a “good” agent?

If there are homes listed in your neighborhood, you could try calling the agent listed on the sign and ask them the location of their office and what areas they primarily cover.   If they respond, “everywhere”, hang up!

If you had to leave a message, how quickly did they return your call? Did they ask a number of questions about your home and your plans for selling it? Were they really listening or just waiting until it is their turn to talk?  Do they seem excited and looking forward to selling your home? Sometimes this is hard to determine over the phone but if you feel uncomfortable at this stage, I would move on.

Your goal is to find one or two REALTORS®  that made a great impression over the phone and the next step is to interview them.  Make the appointment at your home as they will need to see it before suggesting a listing price or make recommendations on preparing the home for sale.

If you are interviewing multiple REALTORS®, be careful when making a decision based on the agent that recommends the highest listing price unless they can support it with a detailed analysis of sales in your area. If an agent guarantees your sales price or a “fast” sale, watch out!

Of course, Catherine and I are available to list your home. We are very responsive and have specialized in Vail & Southeast Tucson for the past 10 years.  Just ask our clients: What Our Clients Say

We also live in Vail and our office is located in the Southeast at Rita Ranch and Houghton Road. If your home is located outside of these areas, particularly in the North, Northwest or Northeast areas, we can help you by referring you to an experienced agent in that area.

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