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Tucson Real Estate Agent shows Tucson HomeOnce you have completed preparing your home for sale, it is time to let the world know.  The first step is to list your home in the Tucson Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Your REALTOR® will prepare a form which details all of the specific features of your home and the asking price. It will also include Marketing Remarks prepared by your REALTOR® which highlight the best features of your home.

Your REALTOR® will also schedule a time to take pictures of your home. These should be completed prior to the actual listing date as homes without pictures don’t get much attention.

You will also need to provide a key to your home which will be placed in a lockbox accessible to REALTORS®.  If a REALTOR® wants to show your home and you are away, they will need to use the key in the lockbox.

The listing will also contain instructions to other REALTORS® on how they can show your home.  The instructions usually say, “One Hour Courtesy Call” if you still reside in the home. Here is how that works:

A REALTOR® or their Buyer is interested in seeing your home. The Buyer’s REALTOR® will check the showing instructions and call you to set an appointment to show it. They will usually have a time in mind and hopefully it will be acceptable for you. If the time is convenient, then you can confirm the appointment but if it is not a good time you can suggest a different time to the agent.

If you do not answer the phone, the agent will leave a message letting you know when they would like to show your home.  It is a good idea to check your messages as soon as you get home in case a REALTOR® has called. If the time they left is not convenient, then you should call the agent back immediately, as they will come by if you do not.

At the scheduled time, the REALTOR® will knock on your door first to make sure you are not at home. If no answer, they will open the lockbox and use the key to open and show your home.

Whenever the lockbox is accessed, your REALTOR® is sent a message notifying them of the time, location and the name of the REALTOR® that accessed the lockbox. Your REALTOR® will use this information to contact the Agent that showed your home and ask how the Buyer’s liked it.

A Sign-In sheet will also be placed in your home for the Showing Agent to complete.  If they used the lockbox, your Agent already has the showing information and will follow up with the Showing Agent. If you happened to be at home and let them in, then you must call your REALTOR once they leave to let them know who showed the home.

Advertising: Over 90% of Buyers start their search using the Internet. They use any number of popular websites with names like, Trulia, Zillow, Tucson MLS or REALTOR® designed websites, such as our own, But how does your property get to these websites?

Once entered into the Tucson MLS, your property is syndicated to thousands of websites. Although most Buyers use a REALTOR® to help them purchase a home, they often start looking on their own. They will use websites like Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo, or a local Agent’s website such as  As the Internet is used by over 90% of Home Buyers, it is by far your best form of advertising.

Your home will also have a sign in front showing it is for sale, along with an “InfoTube” that contains flyers with information on your home. Buyers that see the sign will be able to pick up a flyer and see if the home is right for them. Your neighbors will also take the flyers, some because they are just curious and others may have a friend that might be interested.

Listing Agents will conduct, with your permission, an Open House at your home. While it is rare that a Buyer that sees your home in the Open House places an offer, they tell their friends that may be in the market. An Open House also announces it to your neighborhood so they may tell their friends.

Agents will usually recommend an Office Tour or even a Tucson Association Tour. The office tour is an opportunity for local agents to see your home and provide feedback and recommendations.  This can be very helpful as it gives you early notice on how other agents perceive your home and their recommendations for improvement.

The Tucson Association of REALTORS® also conducts tours that include agents from all Tucson. Only a few agents take advantage of this Tour but we highly recommend it.

Other forms of advertising include flyers or business cards that are “take-away” pieces for Buyers. They include color pictures and the major features of your home, which help potential Buyers remember your home and what they liked about it.

The most important marketing is your home itself – how well it shows! Advertising will bring Buyers to your home but their decision won’t be made until they see it in person. Homes that are neat, clean and “move-in ready” will receive the fastest and best offers.

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