All About Selling Your Home in Tucson, AZ

Yikes! I want/need/have to sell my home and I don’t know where to start.  Most Sellers need to first get an idea of the value of their home and your best resource is not Zillow but an experienced REALTOR® located in your area.  “What Is My Home Worth” covers what features are most important to Buyers and add value to your home and “Preparing Your Home For Sale” is critical for obtaining the highest price for your home. Marketing and getting Buyers to your home is only half the battle; once you have an audience it is critically important to provide the best experience for viewing your home as you can see under “Advertising & Showing”. In “Purchase Offers & Appraisals” you will find that Sales Price is not always the most important factor in evaluating the contract. “Home Inspections” and negotiating repair requests are often the final steps before “Signing & Closing”.  Check out “More About Selling Your Home” for more detailed information, stories and tips.

Would you like to Get Started?

Getting Started

The first question of most Sellers is, “How much is my home worth?”. Recent sales in your area are used by Appraisers and are the best source for valuing your home. Home sales information is available online but is incomplete; it does not include all of the factors that are important in determining your home’s…
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What is My Home Worth?

That's a great question and not always easy to answer as there are number of factors that can affect the value of a home. Even homes that have the same floor plan and are located in the same neighborhood may have very different values. Here are some of the features that contribute to a home’s…
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Preparing Your Home for Sale

Your home’s appearance can make a big difference in how much you are offered for your home and how quickly you receive one. Most Buyers want a “move-in ready” home in which they do not have to make any changes or incur any costs to move in. Homes that need work or are in poor…
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Advertising & Showing

Once you have completed preparing your home for sale, it is time to let the world know. The first step is to list your home in the Tucson Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Your REALTOR® will prepare a form which details all of the specific features of your home and the asking price. It will also…
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Purchase Offers & Appraisals

What happens when you receive a Purchase Offer? You first want to evaluate the offer to determine if the terms are acceptable to you. Contract terms include the offer price, of course, but may also contain seller concessions, which have the effect of reducing the offer price. For example, an offer may be submitted with…
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Inspections & Repairs

Once the purchase offer is accepted by both parties, the Buyer is entitled to a 10 Day Inspection period to determine the condition of the home. Buyers will usually hire a Home Inspector and Termite Inspector, and sometimes a Roof Inspector, to inspect the home. All inspections must be completed within the ten day period.…
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Signing & Closing

Once the Home Inspection period and Appraisal have been completed, all that remains is final loan approval, signing and closing! Final approval for the loan is usually not a problem as the Lender has been gathering and reviewing information since the contract was first submitted. Here is a quick summary of the steps common to…
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More About Selling Your Home

The above articles cover the basics that an Owner should know when Selling their home. For more in-depth articles, Tips and the latest News on Selling Your Home, select “View More”. To see all of our Blogs and Articles, covering the latest News, Market Reports, Area Information, and more, select “Click Here for More Articles”.
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