All About Buying a Home in Tucson, Arizona

Some Buyers have likened Buying a Home to riding a Roller Coaster; lots of excitement but a little scary at times. We agree that Buying a Home is exciting but it does not have to be scary providing you have a plan and engage the services of a good REALTOR® and Loan Professional to work for you. Most Buyers start their home search on the Internet, and the “Searching for Homes” article contains tips on what features to include and what not to use in your search. “Obtaining A Loan” provides tips on how to compare loan programs and “Making An Offer” discusses what to include in the terms of a Purchase Contract. “Getting What You Paid For” and “Appraisals” guide you through the process of evaluating your home’s value. We take the mystery out of “Signing & Closing”, which covers the final steps before obtaining the keys to your home. And check out “More About Buying A Home” for more detailed information, stories and tips.

Where Do I Start?

Good question. Buying a home is often one of the biggest financial decisions a family will make and it is important to have a plan. But where do you start? Most Buyers start by looking at homes on the Internet. This is good, as it helps you decide what features you would like in a…
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Obtaining A Loan

If not paying Cash, you will need to find a Lender to help pay for your home. Who do you call? If you already have a relationship with a bank or mortgage company, I would start, but not end, there. Each Lender is different, and I would contact at least one or two other firms…
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Searching For Homes

Over 90% of Buyers use the Internet to search for homes. There are a number of websites that include search tools that are easy to use; however, the trick is to use the correct criteria at the right time to obtain your intended results. The biggest mistake most Buyers make is to use too many…
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Making An Offer

Once you have found the “right” home, your REALTOR® will help you prepare an offer to submit to the Seller for consideration. Offers are submitted to the Seller through their Listing Agent using the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract. Here are some items to consider when completing the offer:
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Getting What You Paid For

Nobody wants to overpay for anything, whether it is a house, car or groceries. The biggest concern of most Buyers is the condition of the home, as their offer was based on that. If there are hidden or unknown repairs needed, you must find out about them now. The Seller’s Property Disclosure ...
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Appraisals & Loan Approval

Once your Lender has received the Appraisal, they are usually ready to approve the loan. The Appraisal, Loan Application, W-2’s, Bank Statements, etc. are turned over to Underwriting for approval. Underwriting is a group of loan professionals that make the final decision on loan approval...
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Signing & Closing

Signing Loan and Closing documents are the final steps before the sale is legally completed and placed in the new Buyer’s name. Signing these documents usually takes place at the Escrow Company’s office. Buyers are required to sign at least three days prior to Closing to ensure the sale is completed on time. There are…
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More About Buying A Home

The above articles cover the basics that a Buyer should know when Buying A Home. For more in-depth articles, Tips and the latest News, select “View More”. To see all of our Blogs and Articles, covering the latest News, Market Reports, Area Information, Selling a Home and more, select “Click Here for More Articles”.
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