Extreme Heat: The Dangers

This article authored by: Rob Hallberg

The records say it hit 114° last June but I don’t remember it being this bad. We all know (I hope) of the **devastating effects of too much heat on humans but I was curious as to what else is affected.

Extreme heat can affect air transportation as it reduces airplane “lift”.  Twenty planes could not take off from PHX yesterday. Asphalt roads soften and concrete roads have been known to “explode”, lifting 3 – 4 foot pieces of concrete!

Car battery life is shortened by high heat and it will affect your other battery powered devices, too (cell phones, laptops, notepads, etc.). Electric transmission lines sag at high temperatures, causing lines to short out. This caused a power outage last year in 4 western states.

Of course, wildlife is impacted, especially birds. Millions have been lost during heat waves. Do  not leave your pets outdoors for any length of time. Of course, they must have water but this alone will not protect them.

Here is one way to beat the Heat! I don’t know where I would find that pool, however.

I hope it cools soon and you do not suffer any of the serious adverse effects of this Extreme Heat!

**In case you are not aware, excessive heat can lead to death, as it did in Tucson last year.

Rob Hallberg

Rob and Catherine Hallberg are Associate Brokers with Long Realty, a Berkshire-Hathaway Affiliate and Southern Arizona’s largest Brokerage. Send Rob and Catherine an email  for a fast response to your questions; for an even faster response, Call (520) 407-8667.


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