Catherine’s Prairie Dog Re-Location Program

This article authored by: Catherine Hallberg

One of the benefits of living in Tucson is our abundance and variety of wildlife.

2014 Mar Black-Tailed Groundhog Caught_edited-1While most of these creatures are merely passing through, a few may decide to take up residence on your property. One of the cutest and most destructive is the black-tailed prairie dog. You can tell they are prairie dogs by their ability to stand up on their hind feet.

I first encountered some of these adorable, destructive creatures when they turned up on our terrace and began tunneling all over the yard. Not wishing to use “Caddy Shack” methods to remove them, I invested in a “Have-A-Heart” trap. I placed some nuts on the inside platform, raised the doors and bingo, I had a prairie dog. Once you’ve snagged one of the little critters it’s necessary to relocate them to a new home which must be at least 3 miles away or you risk having them find their way back.

2014 Mar Black-Tailed Groundhog ReleasedRob & I transported it to a wash next to a park. At last count, we re-located 8 of them from Vail to Tucson, a mere 12 minute drive. A week or two later I walked by the release area and actually spotted 2 of the prairie dogs scampering around. My little program had a positive outcome. “Have-A-Heart” traps are available at most hardware stores, so if one of these pesky little creatures decides to take up residence in your yard, this is the way to go.

Catherine Hallberg

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